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Our desire is to be 'in the community and for the community' – a church that welcomes everyone and provides a safe space in which to ask the big questions of life. Life is so much more than a Sunday service, and that's why local outreach is a priority for us.


Our network, Love Beyond, has developed an approach which transforms church facilities into attractive spaces where people feel welcome. There are currently four venues which are run as fully commercial cafes and two others as community spaces. All share a distinctive, branded style which is designed to be comfortable and contemporary.

We create a flow of people through these venues, and in the lives of those who staff them. This is achieved by running popular projects that serve the needs of others: an art group, an English class, a job workshop or a running club. Through these initiatives, relationships are made and friendships are built.


Here in Crystal Palace we have a "pop-up" cafe where we teach English and have got to know new and interesting people from around the world. Many have joined our badminton club and come to visit us at church on Sunday, too.

To find out what's on at our pop-up and other Love Beyond venues, visit the events web site.


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